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100% agreed

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, January 15 2021 at 03:15:41AM
In reply to OT: I am not OK with trump ban posted by feliz on Thursday, January 14 2021 at 9:30:42PM

I think Trump is guilty of inciting the insurrection. But, isn't that what got the U.S. started in the first place?

"The British Crown (back then) is wrong to control us without us having a say JUST LIKE British citizens do. Let's decide this with combat!"

So, they all had a fun war and historians and history teachers now have lots to talk about. To drag this back to ON TOPIC of this forum, back when I was taking a history course, a pretty young girl was lusting after my good grades and was offering high pay if I would tutor her. Three reasons I declined: (1) she was at least 18 and (2), I was married and (3) I already had a Little Lover keeping me very much under Her control.

Getting back OFF topic of this forum, as wrong as Trump is about the voting issues, he STILL has the right, as the leader of the country, to voice his leadership... however wrong it is. The Supreme Court has shown that sitting presidents have certain protected rights that normal citizens do not.

Once he is out of office and THEN demands violence, then just like the rest of us in the theater, yelling "FIRE!" even though there is none, is NOT protected by the famous First Amendment. As a sitting president, if he thinks it is necessary, then he CAN... and be impeached for it. That's what laws are all about.

Pence is wrong not to push on the 25th Amendment. But, as vice president, he has the right to be wrong. It's his decision (and the cabinet's). If he is too scared to do it, for whatever reason that is, it IS his decision to be wrong about. That's the law, too.

Personally, I think Trump is off his rocker and the 25th push SHOULD have been the way to do. But, well, five more days and it's all useless except for the impeachment. I do hope they continue with it. If it sticks (which it probably won't) then it's over. If it doesn't stick (ibid. previous parenthesis), then it's over.


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