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Too bad

Posted by sans on Sunday, January 17 2021 at 8:02:49PM
In reply to I am serious posted by Qtns2di4 on Saturday, January 16 2021 at 0:16:01PM

It would have been better if you said you were trolling.

>>It is proven that dead people voted, that non citizens voted, that machines were hacked, that more people voted than were registered, that the statistical tendencies violate laws of statistics...

>>He got laughed out of court because in the USA very few people care about electoral fraud at all.

100% BS. He made claims like thousands of dead people voted, and then they found one dead vote in the county, things like that. There are simply no evidence for his claims (or yours), and you should research the court cases if you care to know the truth. He kept losing because he couldn't back up his delusional garbage with evidence.

What happened? - No one as egomaniacal as Trump could ever be content to be a loser, which he is - so he had to invent his "Stop to Steal" BS instead, so he could go down as history's most abysmal loser.

Also, tell me more about how the "laws of statistics" were violated - I would love to know. I'll make a pledge to GC that you have no idea what you're talking about.

If you think everyone has the right to falsely claim voter fraud, undermine an honest election, and incite your followers to riot, then I won't argue with you.

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