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I am serious

Posted by Qtns2di4 on Saturday, January 16 2021 at 0:16:01PM
In reply to Not sure if you're serious posted by sans on Saturday, January 16 2021 at 04:36:06AM

The First is above all about political speech. For political speech to be free, certainly all other speech must be free. But the one core subject is political speech. Not being allowed to express political opinions trickles down to everyone regardless of ideology and positions and regardless of what subject they speak about.

This is why I defend the speefh rights of Armenian Genocide deniers, Holocaust deniers and other anti Semites, Communists, JWs, Scientologists, polygamists, Islamists and Islamophohes, racists, Ana / Mia advocates, Covid deniers, anti vaxxers, flat earthers... whatever, that I don't agree with. (I mention those because those are regularly censored online, and none are related to CL or child issues)

* * *

It is proven that dead people voted, that non citizens voted, that machines were hacked, that more people voted than were registered, that the statistical tendencies violate laws of statistics...

He got laughed out of court because in the USA very few people care about electoral fraud at all. I suppose it comes from centuries of relatively free elections. There is no reason to claim a vast conspiracy when simple gullibility and near infinite trust in a system which honestly has worked mostly well for centuries pretty much explains it all. And I can agree that Republicans and others on the broad Right are just as guilty of it as Democrats and others on the broad Left.

I am not an American citizen or resident and have never been one. Guess which party have been mailing me asking me for donations for months, for the presidential campaign as well as local campaigns and the election fraud court cases.

* * *

He needs to be protected from being silenced for his politics.

Isn't it fishy how Big Zucc (who is not a friend of CL and child advocacy on his sites, btw) banned him when Trump's DOJ is investigating him for monopolistic practices due to his control of, apart from Facebook itself, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram? Isn't it fishy how Twitter (who again is not a friend of CL and child advocacy on their site) bans Trump but is fine with having cartels, guerrillas and terrorists?

* * *

Funnily enough, I didn't endorse Trump in any of his three presidential campaigns. In 2000 I supported Pat Buchanan; in 2016, Darrell Castle; and in 2020, Kanye West. Even in the Republican primary of the 2016 cycle, I supported Cruz and Paul above him; even Graham who withdrew before Iowa; oh well, also Fiorina, Carson and Huckabee were acceptable to me. In 2016 too I was friendly to Stein from the Greens and McAfee and Petersen from the Libertarians. I've never been a yes man for Trump.

* * *

I'm personally worried because I've been banned from Facebook many times, the last one as recently as December 2020; and none over supporting Trump or any GOP politician. Sure, as a private company they're not de jure obligated to allow you to post whatever you want; but still their policies have a chilling effect on free speech, particularly with its dominance over the public discourse, as opposed to, say, your neighborhood newsletter.

I had Twitter for about 2 years around 2010, was never banned and left it by myself and deleted my account and never looked back. It wasn't over politics but over not really having the time to read and write tweets. In any case, Twitter too has very bad precedents about conservative political speech.


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