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I don't agree at all.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, January 18 2021 at 6:29:14PM
In reply to OT: I am not OK with trump ban posted by feliz on Thursday, January 14 2021 at 9:30:42PM

And more generally, I am seeing this play out in the way asserted by Snowden and Greenwald. It's a spooky thing to see so many levers of power being pulled all at the same time, to be ridiculed to claim it is a concerted effort by powerful people and their organizations, and to see what dark realities it's going to lead to. ..And to not see where the opposite force to it is going to come from.

His twitter ban, though.. based on two premises:

1- His claims that ballot tampering at a level that could have swung the election are false.

2- He has been trying to incite violence, and especially so in his speech before the march on the Capitol.

1) His court cases were not disproved after the presentation of evidence. They were refused to be heard at all. I'm glad to agree Rudy Giuliani is an inept fool to be in charge of such a thing, but it's also become clear to me that a lot of people in positions of power are compromised as a condition for gaining power, compromised with good detective work after they attain their positions (there's always something you did or said in private), and others who realize what a big operation it is and don't want to lose their esteemed place in their field and high society. To refuse to let the evidence be heard, and then go further and boot well known and respected people from social media simply for continuing to assert the election was rigged, doesn't cut the mustard. You don't settle the issue by censoring people. You examine the evidence in the courts. To approve of anything else looks devious in my opinion.

2) Trump does not become guilty of incitement simply because some tin foil hat letter-tards read things into his statements that are not there. Just because some psy-op that knew how to feed off the conspiracy-rife chan boards (which I myself often found to be entertaining or horrifying in my younger days), does not make him responsible for a few hundred people breaking into a building, for Nancy's laptop being stolen, or for taking a dump on Schumer's desk. In fact, Trump told them twice in his speech that day to be peaceful. Anyone can watch it for themselves. And really.. with all the mega trolling on twitter and even the assertions by bluecheck twitterati types that are punishable in a court of law.. or other state leaders who call for the death of other nations.. how can you then look at the Trump ban and not see that it was done for political purposes?

Sure, I hate that we're all reliant on private companies now to express our views. It sucks. It's part of the problem. You never got your phone line terminated for saying false or illegal things in a board meeting.

Now you've got calls for people's university diplomas to be revoked based on their political views.

At some point, people are going to just have to admit:

Yes! I am fine with this methodology of getting control for restructuring everything the way I want it to be.


I believe in a free society even though my views are X,Y, or Z, and censoring and kicking people out of positions of influence with authoritarian methods which have been demonstrated in the past to lead to the squashing of individual civil liberties is not the way to do it.

The scariest people to me? The ones who believe it's terrible, unless they see themselves winning some great gains for their own beliefs as a result, regardless of where their beliefs stand on the spectrum. In that case, they're totally fine with it, much like whether they see mainstream media being an enemy of the people depends on whether they are now suddenly in agreement with them or against them. They never stop to think beyond that.

Why? Well, because what you think you're going to be gaining through authoritarian strong-arming might not actually be the things you actually get, and maybe that old book or that professor you liked were wrong, or didn't do al their calculations for a 21st century reality, ..and by the time you realize you were duped, the massive technocratic machine that keeps you oppressed even more than in past examples, is going to be nearly impossible to destroy by that point. You are the people who scare the living hell out of me personally.

Next to come will be ridding the military of all Trump sympathizers from top to bottom, and if you still don't see what's in the road ahead of you by then... ugh. Que cera cera? I think that's how it's spelled.


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