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Completely off topic but worth thinking about

Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, January 06 2021 at 11:42:53AM

This has nothing to do with us but.... just think. Buy an entire island off the coast of nowhere? Hire thousands of professional security guards, airplanes, ships, submarines, and rockets just to make sure NOBODY comes near you or your lover...

The world's richest man, Jeff Bezos currently has a net worth of $187,500,000,000 — more than a third of which was earned between April and September of 2020. Just look at those zeros! $187 BILLION dollars.

If I had $100 in my pocket, I could afford to give you a penny. That’s just one ten-thousandth of my money. A penny out of a hundred bucks. Drop a penny on the ground and you probably would just leave it there and continue walking.

So, divide $187 billion bucks by 10,000. That is $18,750,000. Jeff Bezos can drop $18 million on the ground and feel the same way. Just walk away from it because it’s so meaningless to him just as a penny is to the $100 in your pocket.

There is a homeless guy standing on the corner holding out his hat asking for spare change for a cup of coffee. You just got your weekly paycheck from your minimum wage job: less taxes, that’s $450. A cup of coffee in Tim Horton’s is currently $1.59, plus tax in Ontario comes to $1.80. Can you afford to buy that poor guy a cup of coffee?

So, Jeff Bezos wants to feel the same sense of charity. $187 billion divided by 3 (one third) divided by 6 (April to September) divided by 4 weeks comes to $2,604,166,667. That’s Jeff Bezo’s pay check for one week. Divide that by 250 (the ratio of your $450 paycheck to one cup of coffee) and Bezo should give that poor homeless guy $10,416,666.67 for the same level of compassion. Call it $10 Million for a cup of coffee.

So, you think that Jeff Bezos is just a fluke? At that high of pay, yes. But consider David Thomson, the richest Canadian, with $41,140,000,000 in his pocket. Or Joseph Tsai, owner of Alibaba, with $14,360,000,000 in his pocket. Or Galen Weston, think Loblaws if you’re Canadian, with $13,550,000,000. Finally, to keep this list short, there’s Edward Rogers, anyone with a cellphone or computer knows Rogers, who has $11,570,000,000 in his pocket from all our cellphone bills we pay each month.

People have fought for communism, socialism, or dictatorships for hundreds of years. Capitalism has that beat by the billions!

Now, go find yourself an island...

(I'm going to post this at VoA, too.)


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