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Wow, are you wrong.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, January 11 2021 at 06:23:08AM
In reply to Individual initiative posted by sans on Monday, January 11 2021 at 03:52:20AM

... upward social mobility, which is almost complete bullshit.

Please don't get me wrong, sans. I love you as a friend, okay? But I am just debating here. I am a master debater. (I just HAD to toss that one in!)

Okay, to challenge your claim:

My father, while serving in the U.S. military, began his business as a hobby. He had $200 (half his paycheck probably) saved up and bought a really messed up Cessna 150 that could not fly. With his skills and a little cajoling at me, the thing was re-certified and flew. He sold it and bought two more in the same shape as the first. Today, by brother has taken over the business that my late father built into a multi-million dollar business.

After my own (very short) military stint, I began looking for a civilian career. I was seriously messed up in my head and, long story short, ended up with my first wife convincing me to go get my degree. I ended up in IT and, eventually, teaching. That, of course, didn't bring in the big bucks so I decided to open my own business. At one point, I was billing at $800 an hour.

Then, I hit a sudden stop. I ended up in prison for a very long time due to my sexual orientation. (No, I'm not gay, for those readers here who don't know me.)

Getting back on the streets, I could have started another business but, to be honest, I just love to fly so that's what I did. To hell with chasing a business up the money ladder. There was almost no money in what I was doing until "someone" discovered my skills and I moved into the world of "special" flying. I still worked for a boss but, usually, they left me alone to work my magic.

But, my good friend, I could have started another business if I had the desire to.

My son-in-law went from (thank god) managing a restaurant to an import-export business with a computer, a desk (from me!) and the internet. Even today, in this covid plague, he is making payments on his two cars, insanely high property taxes on their $1.3 million home, and taking care of my grandson and his Mom and my ex-wife. At the start of the covid difficulties, Daughter had her own small business. We just finalized the shut-down in December, much to her sadness.

And it's not just because they had money to invest. None of us mentioned above, had. There are plenty of new businesses in Toronto, Markham, and the area around Toronto that start out with new immigrants taking tons of their money, starting a business only to see it die off within a year or so. It's HOW you work your business, not how much money you have to get it started. You can't just sit back, dump money into a building, put in some desks, write some clever advertisements, and wait for the dollars to roll into your bank. Businesses like that are probably what you see so prevalent today. Many (not most) people just don't know how to run a business.

Back in 2014 (I think), I flew a young fellow from (Toronto) to (someplace a bit north of here). He was (very) talkative and yammered about his work. I can't tell you what he did because it might ID me. But he did talk a lot about his employer, a guy named Kaneff. I thought nothing of it. Later, I flew some (stuff) from (somewhere else a bit north) to (Toronto) that belonged to a rather big company... Kaneff had a construction business. The guy, Kaneff, had started out with just a small business years ago by building houses. Then, bigger stuff. Then, he became a billionaire. I never knew Iggy Kaneff but I did meet Danny a couple times. Danny died a few years back and Iggy died this past summer.

Nobody held him back. He just grew his business.

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