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Wow. What a slap in the face that is. You're right

Posted by Gimwinkle on Saturday, January 09 2021 at 05:47:27AM
In reply to We aren't capitalist posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, January 08 2021 at 11:01:43PM

Just wow. I never looked at it that way but, by golly, you're right. I mean, as far as my limited knowledge can comprehend. It definitely does make sense, though. Helluva text to read. I'm going to store that on my HD and (probably, with your permission) quote from it. I did understand everything you said but I just never thought about it all that way.

Yeah, I think that is why I felt so pushed to make MY posts about it all. The small businesses have taken a huge hit and most of them have disappeared. Then you see the big businesses making more money in one week than I can count the zeros to. The word that comes to mind is "obscene".

Thanks, Butterfly Kisses.

(Do you have any investment advice? I came into a huge windfall yesterday: I found a quarter on the ground with nobody near it except me. I don't know how to invest it.) :D

Now that I think about it, there's nothing in Canada that costs just 25¢. No, wait, plastic grocery bags cost a nickel. But, you end up throwing garbage into it and then tossing it down the garbage chute. But the government is getting ready to make them illegal. The cheapest thing I can find, other than that, is one lime at the grocery store costs 47¢ each.

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