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The rising tide

Posted by sans on Saturday, January 09 2021 at 11:20:08PM
In reply to We aren't capitalist posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, January 08 2021 at 11:01:43PM

>>A rising tide raises all boats. I want the rich to get richer, the poor to get richer, the middle class to get richer. Communism around the world in every place it has been implemented has sunk everyone.

Except that doesn't happen. The rich get richer, the poor stay poor. Capitalism doesn't work unless you have massive amounts of people living in poverty and largely stuck there. People like to talk about how much wealthier the world has gotten over the past 100 years or whatever but usually don't mention that only a small percentage of the population are any better off than they used to be.

>>P.S- I wont post the link as we aren't supposed to be posting links right now, but you can search wealth held by bottom 50% by country. Interestingly, the countries that are self described socialist have the bottom 50% holding less wealth than the more capitalist countries.

Not sure what countries you're referring to, but the US (low income taxes, low corporate taxes, capital gains etc.) has about the highest income inequality of the first world. Compare it with the more "socialist" countries in Europe. If you mean countries like China, as a fake communist country that's not really an argument. Same for other fake communist countries.

>>Essentially these people giving their money to charity would crash the world's economy leading to far more people in poverty due to them crashing the stock market.

I'm not sure how to respond to that. Anyway, you know it's obviously false, right? Back when some of the super-wealthy were real philanthropists, Carnegie spent the last 20 years of life giving away 90% of his fortune. Or do you mean, everyone giving away their wealth all at the same time would crash the economy? If so, that's probably the best thing that could happen.

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