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Realizing a business

Posted by kratt on Saturday, January 09 2021 at 06:04:00AM
In reply to We aren't capitalist posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, January 08 2021 at 11:01:43PM

"One major thing to note is none of these people have money like that sitting in a bank account and certainly not their pocket. That is their net wealth. They are invested in companies. The companies in return use that money to buy equipment, stock (as in materials to sell to the end user not stock market), advertising, pay people etc. To grow. If he was to try to pull all that money into a bank it would signal a crashing stock market and many billionaires would find themselves with a lot less money. If you owned a corner store you could technically be worth millions and still be struggling. If you sold off all stock(your materials to sell), the store, and other misc. items maybe you could have some money, but no job. Same thing with the billionaires just on a larger scale. "

But if you cannot own a corner store any longer, because for example you cannot work any longer (are too old or ill to manage the store, need to retire on earned money) you have to sell the whole investment in shop anyway.

How about milliardaires? If the ex-Mrs. Bezos needs to find buyer/s to her share of community property, because she is not on speaking terms with Mr. Bezos (otherwise she would just have stayed married) and therefore not on terms to manage a common business either, who have the cash to immediately pay for ex-Mrs. BezosĀ“ share so that she can either put it in a bank for consumption or else invest in other businesses she does not need to manage jointly with her ex?

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