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Posted by Newt on Sunday, December 13 2020 at 9:38:21PM
In reply to Reply to other replies posted by Hajduk on Sunday, December 13 2020 at 3:08:56PM

20 years ago I used to keep it all in a spreadsheet - attractiveness of certain ages. I kid you not, it was called aoca.xls. I still have all my old data, so I opened that file.

It looks like I liked them from 8, peaking at 11, dropping at 13. But it was increasing steadily, probably following the growth of my LGF at the time. I stopped logging around 2004 (I lost all data soon after; the only backup I had was from 2004).

After that, from my memories, it continued to climb. At its peak around 2015 it was probably from 12, peaking at 16, dropping at 19. It has been something like that for some years before and after so I realized I'm a hebephile.

BZZT! WRONG! It reset two years ago. And reset it did. If I were to enter data into that old file, it'd start around 6, peaking at 9, dropping around 12 (but steadily, until 16 or so).

So shortly - we're never in love with an age. We fall in love with a girl. As we're a specific group that tends to be prosecuted upon that girl's age, we go with the flow and ascribe the age thing to our "taste". Just be free. Love whoever you would love. Don't overthink it. Don't keep spreadsheets of "ages you love". It's not the age, it's the girl.


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