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Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, December 13 2020 at 3:08:56PM
In reply to 2020.12.09 is this a GM? posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, December 09 2020 at 9:31:17PM

I am less exclusive than I used to be. My top AOA is rising as my own age rises. I like adults of ever older ages, which I didn't use to. On the other hand, my bottom AOA has also decreased. I didn't find girls under maybe 5 attractive. Now I dig 1 and a half or 2 year olds.

There is to me no simple answer as to whether my attraction increases, decreases or remains stable as a girl grows old. Generally speaking, if I know a girl as a child and like her (including both RL acquaintances and celebrities) I continue to like her as a tween, teen and adult. But some girls I like less than I used to; for example Cousin and maybe Raccoon. While some girls I like more than I used to; for example Thatcher and Gunner and probably four of the Eastern girls. With Rroma, I liked her as a prepubescent child, peaked at her tween and early teen years and while I still like her a lot, I like her less than I did about 3 years ago. (She's 17 and a half now). Same with another Eastern girl who is now almost 16.

So, it's just complicated.

But again, I'm not exclusive; certainly not anymore. I think I was for a long time but I'm definitely not anymore. And partly, certainly, because I've been blessed to see my girls grow older, up to adulthood.

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