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Again, ignorance is a choice.

Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, December 20 2020 at 6:32:52PM
In reply to I only glanced over those stories, but still have. posted by Lemondolphin on Saturday, December 19 2020 at 9:17:48PM

I know about the push against child brides, as culturally practiced in some remote villages and rural areas in non Western countries.

I guess you could say that Amstetten and Plum were rural; but Colorado City and Waco are stretching it. All are quite Western though.

But that is 1) very uncommon

So what? You're now moving the goalposts. Your original statement was an E-type statement. I refuted it with an I-type statement.

2) irrelevant to pedophilia

Why? If your arguments are that:

3) are arranged marriages, not love marriages

...then my replies are easy.

Short of telepathy, you cannot know what other people are thinking and feeling. (This is my argument to say that consent is impossible; and to argue against criminal law entries for hate crime, femicide, or for the insanity plea). All you can know are acts. And acts are that girls are being married to adults.

4) the woman is treated like a bargaining chip and is 'sold'

If that is the case; it's because the laws haven't left any other avenue for pedo males and girls to be together.

5) these are not life partnerships, they are parents arranging their daughters future for her by transferring ownership

I'm sorry, I really don't know what to make of this statement. All marriages are transfers of ownership. That's why gays want their partnerships to be called a marriage.

6) in these cultures, the girl usually is forced out of school once she is married,

Elizabeth: homeschool de facto
Waco had a school
Colorado City had a school
Masha attended school.

and is usually required to move in with her husband's parents to do housework for them

Wives are supposed to do housework, not watch Netflix all day. So I guess you're a millennial.

These are not marriages as we in the West would think of them.

These are not marriages as you think of.

They are often abusive and exploitive, and are always misogynistic and sexist.

I can't reply to this without violating other GC rules, so I won't.

Anyways, I'm talking about pedophilic marriages. And here in the West...

And so am I.

And here in the West? No little American girl is going to go chase down some 30 year old Indian man in village no-name, where they don't have indoor plumbing, and they aren't going to come get our girls because marriage is arranged within their group, not for love.

You'd be surprised.

Let's be practical and talk about what's relevant to our lives. Not to mention that the practice is falling out of fashion. And they don't care too much about the girls age, just that she's a virgin.
I am talking about *pedophiles* marrying LGs. The men who marry these girls are arguably not pedophiles.

Sorry not to fall for your rule breaking bait.

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