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Is it the girl? It's a matter of logic.

Posted by Lemondolphin on Sunday, December 13 2020 at 11:18:47PM
In reply to Interesting posted by Newt on Sunday, December 13 2020 at 9:38:21PM

Your argument contradicts your conclusion..."dropping" at 13,19,12... Then you conclude that you're never "in love" with an age but a girl, and you are prosecuted on the basis of the girls age.
First, I just want to point out, no man ever had been prosecuted for being in love, or respecting someone else. There is no law against that... Anywhere. If I'm wrong, point out the law to me. Men are prosecuted for specific sex acts. But that's a side point.
You say "based on the girls age", but if it's not the age, then the age would change with time with the girl staying the same, instead of different girls replacing old ones, their age staying the same.
Your argument just makes no rational sense.
Maybe you just forgot to add something which would bring your whole argument and conclusion together. As it stands, your post here is contradictory and defies logic.

Final follow-up question for everyone : when pedophiles get married, when has a man EVER married an LG EVER? Or financially supported her? Pedophiles do get married, and it is invariably to an adult woman the same age as them, not an LG whom he purportedly loves... Arguably marriage is a greater indicator of love/respect. Verbal expressions of love appear groundless, without any supporting facts. Based on reality, with all emotional bias removed, pedophiles appear to love grown adult women MUCH much more than, or in place of, any child, with children being the merely frivolous distraction with whom men amuse themselves. Can anyone here explain that or answer that?
I'm looking for reasonable explanations here, that are not based on an appeal to emotion.

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