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I don't know why I'm bothering

Posted by lemondolphin on Wednesday, November 25 2020 at 00:44:03AM

...with all of you here. And yet I am.
I left this board for a reason. I am sick of all of you, with your boring insignificant lives, your inability to actually do anything in the real world that makes a bit of difference...never endeavoring in anything meaningful...I don't know why I've come back.

Yes I do...
The war has begun. I have waited all this time, and my fight has begun. I was interrogated at the police station a few weeks ago. We're just getting started.

I know what's coming. I expect to come under heavy attack (legally and civilly) in the coming months.
I have no support. I have no network to give me moral support or encouragement, or anything. I have no one to turn to for confirmation that I'm doing the right thing. Nobody seems the least bit interested in my vision. And supposedly, it's personal. That's ridiculous.
I expect to suffer excruciating character assassinations, name-calling and accusations from official sources. I am going to be attacked from all sides. I could use some support. Doubt I'll find it here. Would be nice if I did. I don't get much more respect from any of you (that I'm aware of) than the predatory agents of the system. You all seem very similar in my eyes...i.e., interested solely in preserving the status quo and not much else.

I'm going to get it...I'm going to be put through the wringer and I'm already exhausted.

So I'm back, but won't post often since I have a life in the real world in which I am actually taking real action.

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