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As for me...

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, November 26 2020 at 03:53:11AM
In reply to I don't know why I'm bothering posted by lemondolphin on Wednesday, November 25 2020 at 00:44:03AM

I don't wish bad stuff to any pedo (or anyone) who isn't an evil person; and consensual contact or KP offenses are not evil to me. I hope this ends soon for you and doesn't become more than a temporary nuisance.


your boring insignificant lives, your inability to actually do anything in the real world that makes a bit of difference...never endeavoring in anything meaningful...

...sorry, but you don't know anything about anyone here. Precisely because we require anonymity none of us reveals anything about most of what we do in our lives. Gim is open about his past sentence and we've had some posters fully out like Todd, Albert, and Norbert; but I truly don't know anything, or very little, about the overwhelming majority of GC posters. For all I know they may be worldwide famous, or even just nationally famous, in their field.

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