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Posted by lemondolphin on Wednesday, November 25 2020 at 3:19:25PM
In reply to re I don't know why I'm bothering posted by griffith on Wednesday, November 25 2020 at 07:46:32AM

I appreciate the wishes of strength and luck, I guess that's something. That's supportive. Wishing me strength and good luck falls under the category of "moral support".
But let's get one thing clear...there is a difference between prosecution and persecution. For persecution, there is a high bar to meet. For example, if one has one's car stolen while inside it and is raped in the back of the car during the commission of the theft, then the police arrest the victim while apologizing to the suspect that the victim was so difficult with providing sex, I would consider that persecution. If someone asks to borrow your car and then calls the police on you when you say no, who proceed to tell the other person that their complaint is stupid, that is not persecution.
Further, people not wanting to be your friend is not persecution.
Further, lets say for the sake of argument, you inquired about obtaining child porn and the police find out about your request. Then they question you, or even charge you with a crime...that is not persecution.
If a little girl makes a complaint about you bothering her, and the adults who care about her (assuming she has any) throw a fit, that is not persecution.

I just want to be clear on what does and does not constitute persecution. That word is too often misused by men who either feel sorry for themselves or as a political move to engender the sympathy of others. As an adult, you have all the rights, powers and privileges in the world, barring belonging to an disfavored group that cannot be hidden, such as skin color or bio sex.
Getting social ramifications because of what you want to do with your genitals is also not social persecution. I would say the same thing about gay men.
The above may be unpleasant, but it is not persecution.
(And by situation, I presume that you mean you were never good enough to make a commitment to a girl to love honor and respect her for the rest of her life. Have you ever considered that sexual relations are marital relations, and sex/romance belong solely within the confines of a functioning marriage in which you are fulfilling your duties and obligations to the best of your ability and supporting the little girl in her dreams, aspirations and goals?
Maybe if you had, and had pursued that, there would be no "situation" at all for you to deal with, easy OR hard.
If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.)
And again, I appreciate the moral support. I will add more later. I don't have time right now.

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