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I hope you find a place that makes you happy

Posted by sans on Sunday, June 21 2020 at 11:17:59PM
In reply to Exactly Why I Like You. posted by Eeyore on Sunday, June 21 2020 at 00:52:05AM

I've spent a decent chunk of my life living in other places, by choice. Opportunities vary radically. In places like Eastern and Western Europe, I think a major draw could be teaching and tutoring. You definitely don't have the paranoia you see in English-speaking countries. Teaching little ones, no one cares if you have one, or two, on your lap, and tutoring, you'll normally be escorted to their bedroom or some other private room and the parent will shut the door so they're not bothered by the noise. I never took advantage of that to do anything illegal, in part because if you were caught and it was reported you'd be in as much trouble as the US or the UK, but the trust, or maybe better stated as the lack of paranoia, can be nice.

I have experience, but a lot less, in Asia too. I say opportunities vary radically as in some countries there, if you had the money and not connections in the sense of "connections" to the police or in the government but simply good friends that would help you out, you could start an orphanage yourself. Again - I think if someone was active in that role everything would blow up in their face eventually, and that's definitely happened in some cases I've read about - and it also ruins things for everyone else, because now the government and everyone else is extra paranoid about foreigners that want to set up things involving children. But, keep your nose clean and you could continue that forever.

Russia I think is not a terrible place but the benefits there more fit in with #1, above. A foreigner could teach, tutor, eventually find some volunteer thing but forget about anything like starting an orphanage or adoption. The big negatives to me are the language, climate, weather, politics, and unfriendliness of the people. The language is difficult and to each his own, but after a certain point I had a hard time tolerating what I'll call the "tonal quality" of the language. Climate and weather are self-explanatory, politically Russia is Putin. He or one of his cronies will be running the country until he dies. I may start a shitstorm here, which I'm OK with, but it's a country without real democracy (as is the US, but it's less of an obvious falsity here) where outspoken critics of the government get poisoned or disappeared and there's minimal media freedom. Not directly affecting a foreigner, that might be something that's ignored, not cared about, while some foreigners I know actually became defenders of the Russian government and Putin supporters. I hope that was not real and simply an act, but anyway. All of that, for me, is a heavy weight on the negative side of the scale and I would not want to live in China, for example, for similar reasons. And to me, to live in a country like that while keeping your head down becomes like silent support for the regime.

I think acceptance of pedophiles in certain areas ended in the 70s. Today there are a lot of places - really most of the world, where people simply aren't paranoid about pedophiles and aren't wondering whether their daughter's tutor might want to diddle them. That affords opportunities, though those opportunities are bound by the local culture and the bureaucratic constraints of the country. In these other places, pedophilia is not on the forefront of consciousness like it is in English-speaking countries. But I see no opportunities to live openly as a pedophile and have a good life anywhere anymore.

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