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Exactly Why I Like You.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, June 21 2020 at 00:52:05AM
In reply to I think you'd be disappointed posted by sans on Sunday, June 21 2020 at 00:29:14AM

I will admit, your presence appeared about the time of Baldur, who I also didn't trust at the time.

I had an epiphany at some point. There's nothing I could say which would change any opinions. So I won't even go there.

I will just say that I expected the RU would not be the dreampt utopia for everyone. You are the first one brave enough to say so, and you have also told me things in private before that I believe were honest and truthful from your perspective.

And so I hope people tend to trust you in the future. Because from what I've seen, I definitely do.

Nevertheless, I may still disagree with you at times;p


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