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Five Acres and Independence

Posted by sans on Wednesday, June 24 2020 at 01:58:29AM
In reply to great post posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, June 23 2020 at 05:51:04AM

This is a classic that has inspired many people to buy some land and become self-sufficient - just don't take his practical advice, like storing water in lead-lined containers. Personally, as much as I don't like adults, I'd probably still be better off somewhere where I can have social interactions - though if you had land close enough to a city, you could have that too.

And, well, journalists reporting the facts - I would hardly call them "scheming saboteurs" - and other countries doing "bad things" too - sure, but this makes me think of some logical fallacy whose name I can't remember, basically doing something wrong then pointing the finger "But X does bad things too!". I couldn't compare places like Russia and China to countries with freedom of the press, freedom of speech.

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