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Stanislava Bankina.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, June 25 2020 at 03:58:23AM
In reply to That's it posted by sans on Wednesday, June 24 2020 at 06:53:51AM

I think that's her translated name.

I was scrounging for rare stumbled upon pics of her for a year and a half and making forlorn complaints in chat the entire time. There is no girl out there that looks even remotely like her, and I am captivated by eyes I thought were dark brown, but turn light hazel or green depending on her clothing and surroundings.

I gotta give credit where due, to her odd-looking dad. He seems to have some Chinese and Chech or Dag ancestry going on, while her mum is straight up blue-eyed Rus. This is awesome, because in my "extended" fantasy, and with my shaky remembrance of high school biology, she has a one-in-four chance of giving me a blue-eyed daughter a few years from now, which I feel I must create before my time, despite my personal preference for dark brown eyes.

Am I thinking this thing through too hard? I don't care. The first pic I ever saw of her, I was certain the Roswell alien must have made offspring with a human. Now I just realize that despite my discovery of Pinterest, there's not a girl on this planet with more freakishly beautiful eyes. Thank you weird looking dad, for making a top-notch loli for the ages. (Cut your losses now, because I think this may have been a one-off?)

It's tough when your new muse's nicname is "Stan" but I'll find a way to deal with that..


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