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that's my dacha and the potato garden I spoke of!

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, June 24 2020 at 03:57:11AM
In reply to Five Acres and Independence posted by sans on Wednesday, June 24 2020 at 01:58:29AM

..and the fantasy is complete with the stunning Станислава Банькина snuggling me by the fire in the furs and animal pelts. See my simple unattainable dream? (Been obsessing over her for a year or more without knowing her name, so I had to find a way to insert her into a post somehow. Sorry Anna Pava).

Wait, do you mean "What-about-ism"?

Yeah, that argument has often pissed me off as well. It's a shallow contrived excuse. Rather than owning up to one's own bad behavior, you simply forgive it by someone else's.

OTOH, time has shown me that where nations are concerned, being true to completely noble principles really just happens to leave you open to creative attacks from those with influence and far less credence for sticking to any similar honest or noble principles. That makes things a lot more difficult when you are following them, while the enemy wanting to destroy you has no imperative for loyalty to them. It ain't easy to lead a nation. Not a job I'd ever want. All I really know is, the world would become a helluva lot more peaceful place if Trump and Putin made a pact to do just that. There are nasty globalists willing to stop at nothing to prevent that. My personal opinion.


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