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Posted by Hajduk on Monday, June 29 2020 at 7:16:11PM
In reply to Agreed posted by sans on Wednesday, June 24 2020 at 00:45:40AM

I grant you that the orthography isn't phonetic, but probably only Turkish has truly phonetic orthography.

The 12 tenses. Romance have those and they have to agree in person and number.

Articles: have you tried German or French?

English doesn't have the case system of Uralic, the gender system of Bantu, the Semitic word construction technique, the Indian retroflexes, the tones of Chinese, Thai, Mesoamerican and many other languages, the clicks of southern Africa, the topic markers of Korean and Japanese or the agglutinative verbs of Austronesian.

This is not saying that learning English isn't difficult. I'm just saying that English is, comparatively, easy to learn.

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