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Posted by Piz on Thursday, August 03 2006 at 08:46:37AM
In reply to THIS is why I cashed the check! posted by Todd on Wednesday, August 02 2006 at 2:17:18PM

Who would of thought that the reaction of StC to receiving the Alice Day donation would have ended up being hysterically trying to distance itself from our cause, and that this charity thing will have ended up being of no benefit to us whatsoever? I’m gobsmacked!

You must’ve surely seen something like this coming way before you decided you were going to steal the money you were sent. Surely everyone involved in this fiasco realised that there was a very real possibility that whatever charity the money was sent to would want nothing to do with it. The reaction to StC’s predictable refusal to take the money—rubbing their noses in it for being hypocrites and refusing our money and therefore not letting us make self-gratifying, political donations the way other groups are allowed to—was surely at some stage a (highly likely) possible scenario that was being planned for. But now the militant wing that was supposed to take care of the nose-rubbing has folded. Whoops!

An interesting question is what’s the right thing to do with the money now. I thought trying to use a charity to make a self-promoting, public donation was a bad idea from the start, but that’s what the majority of donators were expecting. Probably the most pragmatic course would be to distribute it anonymously and learn the lessons from this debacle; and if you’d have only made your case to the people that gave you the money instead of unilaterally deciding what to do with it, then it might even have been a dignified course of action for you to take. But without the consent of the people who entrusted that money to you, how can you legitimately do anything with it? Oh wait; you don’t care about being accountable to a bunch of pseudoanonymous cultists anymore, do you. Whoops!

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