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Re: Whoops!

Posted by Minstrel on Saturday, August 05 2006 at 00:35:50AM
In reply to Re: Whoops! posted by Baldur on Friday, August 04 2006 at 03:10:14AM

"First of all, Todd stuck his neck out on this one,"

Yes, and I among many appreciated it very much, and it entitles him to some leeway, and patience on our part, but it doesn't give him a "blank check" to do as he pleases with the money we donated.

"and I have reason to believe he is trustworthy. I resent your calling him a thief."

I thought all moderators read every post, but perhaps you skimmed over the one where he suggested spending the money to buy airline tickets for his friends, or the one where he was offering half of it (why not all of it? isn't all of it there?) as a bribe to incite a fight, or the one where he said he wasn't even going to tell anyone what he did with the money (after saying he was going to use it contrary to the wishes and expectations of the people who donated it).

Other than that, I'm in complete agreement with you, especially "Why should we have to donate without telling anyone about it? ... the donors, myself included, ... hoped to make a donation to help children without having to hide who we are. Yes, we made this donation anonymously, but for once we could stand up and say that this money was coming from pedophiles." That was the only thing that made this particular fund different from any other, and that's precisely what Todd has said he intends to prevent. (Perhaps it's only coincidence he did this after he decided that it's right and proper to deny pedos the single most important right of any human beings, the right to choose whom to love and how to express that love, without persecution. Whatever his motivation is, is irrelevant.)


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