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Re: Whoops!

Posted by Baldur on Friday, August 04 2006 at 03:10:14AM
In reply to Whoops! posted by Piz on Thursday, August 03 2006 at 08:46:37AM

I rather resent several things in your post, Piz.

First of all, Todd stuck his neck out on this one, and I have reason to believe he is trustworthy. I resent your calling him a thief.

Secondly, why should we have to donate without telling anyone about it? If we had spammed people across the net to tell everyone that a bunch of pedos were donating to charity, I could see and agree with your point. While I never actually checked out what Lindsay said about this donation, I expect that he was as tasteful as always - and other than that, I expect most of the discussion has taken place here at GirlChat. In other words, unless someone was already looking at our sites, they wouldn't even know about this donation - which suggests that the real problem lies with our detractors and the idiots at StC. In other words, our "public" announcement was about as much of an advertizing blitz as an announcement in a company newsletter. Does StC go after other donors - or potential donors - who mention in a company newsletter that some of them got together and sent in a donation to StC?

I also rather resent your attitude towards the donors, myself included, who hoped to make a donation to help children without having to hide who we are. Yes, we made this donation anonymously, but for once we could stand up and say that this money was coming from pedophiles. In a sense, it is when we make our donations in our real names that we are anonymous. Then, we cannot say who we really are, or why we are making the donation, for fear of being outed. This time, we knew there was a danger of being rejected, but at least we could be ourselves without fear of reprisal. I certainly did not anticipate that a "charitable" organization would be so cruel as to threaten legal action against those who attempted to donate to it, or I would have advised Todd against acting as our middleman.

I knew the kranks were an unreasonable and vicious lot, but I am still surprised at the depths to which they would sink, taking an opportunity for an education out of a girl's hands in order to feel superior (and prove themselves inferior) to us. I am likewise surprised by your response.

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