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Re: Whoops!

Posted by Piz on Friday, August 04 2006 at 06:40:18AM
In reply to Re: Whoops! posted by Todd on Thursday, August 03 2006 at 5:31:56PM

Nah, the lump on my head is still there from this painful episode. hehe

I don’t resent your change of opinion, particularly. I do resent the victim mentality you’re cultivating with regard to your perception of your treatment by this community, and the using of your misplaced sense of being wronged by “the Collective” to take liberties with the people here. Your choosing to see my criticism of you as a mere consequence of somebody looking for any excuse to bash you after you broke ranks is a prime example of what it is about your conduct that I resent. It has nothing much at all to do with your most recent change in expressed viewpoints.

As I said, it seems to me that the best course of action now would be to anonymously donate the money. I didn’t donate, though; it’s not me that you have to convince. You were given control of that money, not to do with it whatever you and I happen to think best without any real discussion of alternatives, but on behalf of the people who donated it thinking it would be used for something that has since fallen through. You should have stated your case as to why you think it’s best to do with the money what it is that you’re now doing with it. You owed it to them to try to bring them round to your preferred alternative, and to have listened to any proposals they made in place of yours. Instead, you decided the views of the people who gave you the money no longer matter to you; and as there isn’t a great deal anyone can do to stop you if they want to retain their anonymity, it’s yours to do with as you please. How much less cash do you think you would have now if at the time donations were being solicited, people were being told ‘oh, by the way, if the charity it gets sent to refuses to accept the money, then Todd with arbitrarily and secretively decide what to do with it; and if anyone takes issue with that they’ll have to relinquish their anonymity to be able to do anything about it’?

As for the paragraph you thought might be getting at you: it was basically generated by my impression that you were up for a fight over this when we discussed it before, when the donations were being solicited. Personally I’m not going to get too disappointed over that, as ‘PERVERTS ATTEMPT TO HIJACK CHARITY’ is hardly the sort of publicity we can get much benefit from as far as I can see. And no, I don’t think you’re an “all-around cad”. My impression of you is basically of somebody with a tendency to not do things by half. You publicly stated who you are and who you’re attracted to rather than just posting anonymously about it; you let a few uncompromising posters and flames convince you this whole community is cult; the original plan for the Alice Day money doesn’t come off and you decide you’re entitled to take charge of it unilaterally, etc. Add niggling doubts into the mix, and it reads like a recipe for volatility rather than caddishness.

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