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There was no 'evidence' at all...

Posted by Infinity on Wednesday, May 21 2003 at 3:51:10PM
In reply to Hi Infinity I have a question for you. posted by All Eyes on Tuesday, May 20 2003 at 11:12:35PM

...except apparently a picture of a six yr old giving someone a blow-job, that the prosecutor had printed out off the hard-drive and had blown up so she could go around and show everyone (which she did with enthusiasm). Basically, they said since I had paid to join a site with pictures of nude little girls, that I had obviously gotten bored with that and moved on to the hard stuff and it must have been ME who put the stuff on the computer, despite the fact that it was a computer in a public lab that effectively every student on campus had access to and could have used.

It was a small town hick court and the prosector proceeded to character assassinate me to the judge. When you don't actually hae evidece topresent, you have to do somethng... If I had had any prior "problems" with children I might be serving 20 years right now.

I'll never forget that prosecutor RUNNING up to the judge with her little folder and saying "LOOK at this picture, HE was looking at this stuff and geting off on it". My lawyer tried to explain I was in a public lab at the time with other people which the prosecutor replied that I could have just moved real close to the desk and fondled myself without pulling out my penis. I actually remember I almost laughed out loud at this. It was so fucking surreal, I felt like I WAS really in the Twilight Zone. I'll never forget how this woman judge looked at me in the court. She hated me and it was obvious she thought I was a potential child molester. She totally believed what the prosecutor said abouut me like it was FACT.

So, basically they used the fact that I obviously LIKED to look at lg's nude or I would not have paid to join a lolita art site and they then concluded ANY child-porn could have been put there only by me. The shock value of the pic the prosecutor used worked exactly like it was supposed to on the judge. I am lucky I was a model citizen or I REALLY would have been fucked alot worse than I was. I did not end up with a "sex crime" on my name, it's not a felony charge and I do not have to register as a "sex offender". All in all I was "lucky", even though the whole thing was bullshit. I wonder what kind of shit was on the other 50 computers in that lab? I bet most of them have pics just like that too...I was just unlucky enough to be seen with a pic of a nude girl on the screen.

It was a horrible nightmare and other people should be wary of joining those "legal" sites. The FIRST thing they will do if you are arrested for ANYTHING child-related is dump your Credit card info and see if you have paid for any "obscene" material...and if they see sites like that then they assume you are a danger to kids and a pervert. You can't possibly explain GL to these people. Anyone here who thinks they can start quoting stuff from GC and get these people to see reason is a fool and they have never stood before a judge (FEMALE!) and been called a "disgusting low-life". So much for impartial justice...

Just being a pedophile IS a crime. I did not break the law, never have. I do NOT like childporn, hell, I've never even SEEN any, but NONE of that mattered to them. They saw I was "into" nude lg's and that was the end for me. No lawyer on this earth could have won in THAT court with those fool women...old female judge and angry young female "sex crime" prosecutor. It was a lost cause. You are GUILTY unless you can somehow PROVE you are not, and I could not PROVE I didn't put the pics there, so I lost.

So, even though the pics on those sites ARE legal, the fact that you joined them can AND WILL be used against you in a court of law. They will destroy your character and label you a pervert and a danger to children. Anyone who disagrees with me is welcome to go to the police and ask them. Just show them the sites you joined and see how "nice" they are to you...and when you get out of jail, feel free to come back and tell us again how "being a pedophile" is not a crime.

I hope this answers your question AE.


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