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A few points to clarify...

Posted by Infinity on Thursday, May 22 2003 at 07:51:55AM
In reply to Re: There was no 'evidence' at all... posted by All Eyes on Thursday, May 22 2003 at 0:23:16PM

...first of all, I did not just roll over and play dead...I did not "fight" the charge because I did not have the FIFTEEN THOUSAND dollars to hire my lawyer for a trial...and in the backwards hick court I was in I WOULD have LOST...for a FACT. Every single person in that court who was charged with a sex crime, ANY sex crime, went to JAIL. PERIOD. There was nothing to fight, at all. If I did not take the deal and I had went to trial on the CP charge, I would be in a federal prison right now serving 5 years.

Second, I did not DOWNLOAD a damn thing. I joined that "lolli" site to LOOK at pics, why would I download anything when I do not own my own computer? I only have a sega dreamcast at home and it does not work with all sites nor does it have a hard-drive, any site that has Java does not load on the DC, so I used to just look at certain LEGAL newsgroups and yahoo groups with pics of lg's and then I joined a "lolli" art site. What was I thinking? Apparently I wasn't thinking, that is what an addict does, they do not think about what they are doing or any consequences, they just need the "fix". I liked looking at those pics and I made a mistake. Was it a studid mistake? Duh. People do very stupid things and I did something incredibly retarded and believe me, I paid for it...big time.

There were no seperate charges for "misuse of computers"...but my lawyer told me that if they really wanted to be hard-asses, they could have. They were far more interested in the "sex crime" then anything else. As soon as someone says Child Porn and connects you to it, you are done...they do not NEED evidence. Hearsay and circumstantial evidence is fine. Do you even know how the american justice system works???? It is NOT like a text-book, read the reply that Siva made to me, you are GUILTY when you are ACCUSED, they do not need a DAMN piece of evidence to "get you"...TRUST ME.

Anyway, I know I probably sound like I'm bitter about this, and I still am, even though I've put my life back together, this is still a very sensitive topic for me. I hope you do not take my slight hostility personally. I like you alot and it was not my intention to come off that way.


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