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It's a little annoying.

Posted by LGsouL on Thursday, June 30 2022 at 00:16:38AM

Time for me to whine, just ignore this.

I am in my 30s and all my friends and relatives of similar age are married, with kids or in serious relationships. I would be, but our culture is so vehemently opposed to age gaps that I can't even realistically go for the adults I am attracted to. I look young, early to mid 20s and once they learn my age, middish 30s, they literally lose interest. Been called a pedophile for hanging with a 20 year old, by her, after she found out my age (which I never hid), because her friend was nearby (and I found out pushing her to get with a guy she knew... fuckboy type of course). Whatever, I wouldn't stay with a girl that bent to her retarded friend's whim anyway.

Kind of sad, people try to hook me up with their friends near my age. These girls look ten years older than minimum. I am a pedophile, my eyes are drawn directly to aged features and I am immediately turned off. Wrinkles, bags, crows feet, drawn/gaunt skin, odd hair places, blemishes.

I come off as extremely shallow but it's just what I am attracted to. I can't be honest with people. I try to be, I say vague "I like girls younger than me" but then most people thin I mean like a couple years. Hahahaha nope.

Also, when girls are older people try to supe up their careers or possessions, like, I want a mother to my children, not a career woman (another rarity these days). I don't care about her business that she spends all her time at. Also it's a rush. They have a bio clock ticking. Mine lasts longer. They want to marry, pump out kids, then send them to other people (the state) to raise. No thanks.

And my annoyance isn't even really from all that, just that people keep trying to force me into adult relationships with girls that partied hard, didn't take care of themselves or are basically men.

Let me be. I was born with a shitty hand, this culture and world are not for me. I am just coasting through enjoying life and helping others. Got a job where I get to spend plenty of time with little girls and get paid well. If I marry a girl she will be my unicorn. If not, oh well. Leave me the fuck alone. Niggas don't care about what I want anyway... "oh you just need to get over it and marry a girl your age, stop being picky." Blah blah blah, no I will not marry a girl either that has a fundamentally different philosophical outlook and worldview. Why? So I can be annoyed all the time?

I've finally been coming to true terms with never having a family but I think that is what is bothering everyone around me, so now they are pushing me.

I know their hearts are in the right place but then at least don't send me girls you know I will have zero interest in. I have even been telling people "like 10-12 years younger" but they keep recommending 30s. Noooooooooooooooooooo.

Or fat women, like I have a fucking six pack, big ass arms and near cobra back. Fuck out of here. That's why, in the club, it's a different story, but ironically every telio man's dream I'd trade for a relationship with a young girl, not a one night stand.


Whining over. Anime time.

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