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I think we all feel this ...

Posted by Baldur on Sunday, July 03 2022 at 02:43:27AM
In reply to It's a little annoying. posted by LGsouL on Thursday, June 30 2022 at 00:16:38AM

While I think Eeyore makes some good points, I don't think those points invalidate yours. His post is about coping mechanisms - ways to deal with a situation that is completely unreasonable and unacceptable.

Historically it was quite common for men to wait until they were established before they got married, so it wasn't rare for a man to be in his thirties or even older before he got married - usually to a wife no older than fourteen. The chief exception has been in western Europe (and later its colonies), and appears to have started somewhere around the year 1500 - when women started to be in their upper teens or even twenties before they got married.

But in western nations now we are told that it is unacceptable for an older man to even be interested in women in their twenties ... and while I can appreciate that women in their twenties are generally far too old to hold much interest for me, that's not the way they mean it.

As Eeyore has stated elsewhere, this is all related to a depopulation agenda. Not only that, it is related to a depopulation agenda that worked far too well, such that we won't be able to maintain a technological civilization much longer if it isn't reversed. It's one thing to persuade women to have on average two, three, or four kids - rather than twelve or twenty. It's quite another thing to convince them to have an average of less than two kids - at that point a population will quickly collapse, and to maintain its capabilities one must bring in immigrants in large enough numbers that there is no way for the original culture to maintain itself.

And whereas it was the original culture that made the technological civilization possible, the long term result is barbarism and catastrophe - unless the trends are reversed.

As for the young women who call you names for being interested in them - well, in one sense you are fortunate to avoid such foolish women, but of course it is still painful to you even though it will likely be more disastrous for these young women. They are letting their opinions be shaped by others, to their own detriment. They will forego chances to partner with an older, established husband and will likely struggle financially all their life. Of course, the same people behind the depopulation agenda prefer to keep the general population dependent and in debt - because debt, after all, is the essential quality of slavery. As long as people are in debt they are in a weak, dependent position and will do almost anything in order to survive. In short, these young women have been trained to be slaves with the promise that this is freedom.

Incidentally, the way that the courts have refused to honor marriage contracts and overwhelmingly give women favorable treatment in divorce proceedings also seems to be related to the depopulation agenda. On the surface and in the short term of course it seems to favor women - but naturally in the long term it hurts everyone because men are less interested in marriage when it offers them no advantages and many disadvantages.

And of course pedophiles are attacked precisely because the first people those pushing the depopulation agenda had to neutralize were men who cared about children and their futures.

This is why I have sometimes said that while there may not be hostile extra terrestrial aliens, the social changes we have seen since the 1960s could not have been much better calculated to destroy humanity if there were such hostile aliens hoping to destroy us with the least effort possible.

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