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Appreciate the post.

Posted by LGsouL on Friday, July 08 2022 at 00:21:36AM
In reply to I think we all feel this ... posted by Baldur on Sunday, July 03 2022 at 02:43:27AM

Elon Musk seems aware of the depopulation agenda, or even if he views it as an unintentional mistake, at least he is pushing back with his platform.

Men are emasculated and women are made more masculine. The amount of men going for older partners astounds me.

I am fine with allowing choice, I am not fine with this social engineering. Which is now happening with this trans kid bullshit.

Marriage is largely a massive risk for men and nothing but beneficial for women these days. Which is also why I am very wary. A friend of mine is now getting boned by his ex-wife and using the kids as leverage and the courts kiss her ass regardless of how shitty she is.

I do think I won't give up, but I will maintain being content being alone, if it doesn't work out. I will not suffer the rest of my life for some adult female. I'd end up killing her and fleeing to my ethnic motherland lol

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