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for what it's worth..

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, July 01 2022 at 01:17:43AM
In reply to It's a little annoying. posted by LGsouL on Thursday, June 30 2022 at 00:16:38AM

I'm of the opinion for some time now that having an older female partner is a good thing to land, even in strictly practical terms. There are a LOT of partnered relationships out there for which sex/having it are not a part. There are a lot of other aspects to consider, and when your libido diminishes over time, those might start to become noticeable to you.

I get it. I live in a western culture like a presume you do as well. Younger grown women suck ass. We're not alone in that surmise. A whole lot of "normal" heterosexual men attracted to adult women feel the same way these days. They don't want someone who places family second to career. They don't get aroused by someone who wants to do all the things a man does, and demands to be the dominant partner while being fat with ugly tattoos all over their bodies and a shaved head. That's gross, at least to any man with any masculinity and dignity left within himself.

But that's our western culture. So many women convinced to be disgusting turn-offs to males, so as to make sure they do not ever procreate. They often learn post-menopause that they were lied to, if they aren't in denial for their entire life.

When you said that I thought of Asia, say Philippines or the like.. those women want a man, like, an actual MAN. Not someone necessarily incredibly masculine, but one who knows his role, so she can fulfill her own. Not equals, but complimentary parts of a whole.

And as I said, it doesn't automatically mean having sex. Just look at all the closeted gay male politicians who are married (and compromised with their sexuality). Just typing off the cuff here, but seriously, when you get old, it sucks to be alone to many men. I guess there are some who are too enthralled with science or model trains or what have you, to ever feel the loneliness of no companion, but even for them.. it would be nice to have even a platonic mate when you find yourself elderly and needing a helping hand from someone who is not just being paid minimum wage to feed you and wipe your ass, and beats you when nobody else is around because she knows you have nobody you're going to tattle to. You don't want angry Big Mama to be the only one left to place your trust in at the budget retirement home in your golden years.

Somethin to think about. Somethin I've thought about since my own 30's. But.. we all have our own views don't we. Hope you find your ideal realistic possibility.


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