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Minor Attracted/non-contact = Huge Fail

Posted by LOD on Sunday, July 04 2021 at 05:05:02AM

The attempt at some pedophiles trying to gain an ounce of acceptance by branding themselves as minor attracted and non-contact has largely been a huge failure with little to no success to show for it after several years. Other than being participants in a handful of graduate studies that nobody reads or cares about the non-contact "minor attracted adults" haven't been able to go beyond the level of sewer rat in the landscape of political discourse.

There's a few reasons for this:

1.) Nobody really cares if you intend to have sex with children or not. That's not why they hate you. They hate you because you are attracted to children. Whether or not you actually engage in sexual acts with a child is secondary. The primary reason for hating you is that you find them sexually attractive.

2.) Calling yourself "minor attracted" does nothing. It's a cheap salesman's trick at rebranding and people see through this instantly. It's an attempt at taking away the negative connotations of the word "pedophile" but it fails because nobody really cares what you call yourself if you are attracted children.

3.)Playing victim only works if you have political allies who support you. You have no political allies so playing victim only makes you more ripe for the beating. So when you say things like "minor-attracted people are heavily stigmatized by society" the only response you get from both the right and the left is "Good. You deserve it."

This is why it is best to not tell anybody while secretly holding a grudge against society. Preteen girls are sexy as hell and I don't need anybody to tell me I'm right. Fuck everyone else.

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