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not a strategy, and some signs of progress

Posted by EthanEdwards on Wednesday, July 14 2021 at 02:23:56AM
In reply to Minor Attracted/non-contact = Huge Fail posted by LOD on Sunday, July 04 2021 at 05:05:02AM

I say you're The attempt at some pedophiles trying to gain an ounce of acceptance by branding themselves as minor attracted and non-contact
Of course people differ, but a great many of us did not "brand ourselves" for political benefit. We told the world what we believed.

...has largely been a huge failure with little to no success to show for it after several years.
There was no single movement. I'm focusing here on Virtuous Pedophiles, which Nick Devin and I co-founded in 2012, though there are of course many other different groups and individual opinions. We for instance did not push the MAP term, and instead accepted "pedophile" in our name. We're not opposed to that term if it seems to be gaining acceptance in the community, but those two ideas are not necessarily linked at all.

This depends on your expectations. If success means that hardly anyone hates us any more, then of course we didn't meet that goal. We never thought we would.

There is a range of opinions in society on social issues, from the very liberal to the very conservative. For those who in Moral Foundations Theory accept the value of "purity", even when we tell them we are celibate they will still disapprove because we violate that value just because of our fantasies. However, that is a minority of the population.

On the liberal end, for some people if you tell them you're attracted to children, didn't choose it and can't change it but don't do anything sexual with kids, they are instantly on our side -- the VP side. It fits neatly into the idea that what you do in private is just fine if it doesn't hurt anyone else. They will NOT be on board if you have sex with kids, and they will not be on board if you say you want to change the laws either.

Then there are lots of people in the middle. You tell them there are pedophiles who don't molest children, and it's an idea they've never heard before. It gets them thinking. Sometimes it engages the idea that you shouldn't discriminate against a group just because some of their members do things you don't like.

Other than being participants in a handful of graduate studies that nobody reads or cares about the non-contact "minor attracted adults" haven't been able to go beyond the level of sewer rat in the landscape of political discourse.
Professionals do affect the debate, sooner or later. Back in 2012, ATSA (specialists in sex abuse), had on their website, "While virtually all pedophiles are child molesters, not all child molesters are pedophiles." Nick and I challenged them on the first part of that, and they took it down. I don't think any serious professional would believe that any more.

There's a few reasons for this:

1.) Nobody really cares if you intend to have sex with children or not. That's not why they hate you. They hate you because you are attracted to children. Whether or not you actually engage in sexual acts with a child is secondary. The primary reason for hating you is that you find them sexually attractive.

This is true of one part of the population, the conservative part. Their voices on this issue are loud, but they are only part of the population.

2.) Calling yourself "minor attracted" does nothing. It's a cheap salesman's trick at rebranding...
I'm not going to argue with that. I'm not sure it has helped, but it is a separate decision, whether to support that or not.

3.)Playing victim only works if you have political allies who support you. You have no political allies so playing victim only makes you more ripe for the beating.
We don't have any large classes of political allies, but take a look at this YouTube video:
There are some thoughtful comments, not much hate. This woman has a following, and she had the standing in their eyes to make people stop and think.

This is why it is best to not tell anybody
That's generally my advice with regard to a real-life persona.

Preteen girls are sexy as hell and I don't need anybody to tell me I'm right.
Uhhhh. Did anybody say you did? "Sexy" is in the mind of the beholder. But I sure as hell agree with you on that part!

... while secretly holding a grudge against society... Fuck everyone else.
The fortress mentality. They will hate us no matter what, so let's not even try. We'll hate them back.

As for me, I think there are lots of good things in society -- lots of things are better now than they have ever been before or anywhere else. I don't want to shut myself in the fortress because they don't accept my pedophilia. I want to view them as basically good people who are blind in this area.

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