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Posted by Stephen James on Monday, July 05 2021 at 06:23:29AM
In reply to Minor Attracted/non-contact = Huge Fail posted by LOD on Sunday, July 04 2021 at 05:05:02AM

> Nobody really cares if you intend to have sex with children or not. That's not why they hate you. They hate you because you are attracted to children.

I can't entirely agree with this. They (mostly) care very much if you have sex with children, especially their own children. The attraction itself tends to cause bafflement and indeed sometimes hatred. In addition, most people think that MAPs/paedophiles can't stop themselves from acting on their urges. So branding yourself as non-contact is not likely to convince such people - on that I agree with you.

I would defend the term 'MAP'. Using it may not change the attitudes of the majority, but it is a more inclusive term than 'paedophile' (which technically only applies to those attracted to prepubertals) and it has gained some currency as a non-stigmatising term, not only among many in our own community but also among more open-minded researchers.

But of course our choice of ways to refer to ourselves will only have a marginal effect on the way we are perceived by the rest of society. In my view, this will only be radically improved when the majority of people understand that we are not dangerous because there is nothing wrong with mutually-desired adult/child sexual and romantic relationships.

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