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The need to come out stems from low self esteem

Posted by LOD on Monday, July 05 2021 at 04:29:31AM
In reply to Agreed posted by Hajduk on Sunday, July 04 2021 at 8:46:52PM

Pedophiles who feel a strong need to tell people about their attractions have low self esteem and thus require validation from others. Telling others offers nothing in return other than outside validation which is not needed if you are self assured.

The risk of telling others is much greater. While you may get that validation, you are also just as likely if not more likely to be cast aside. It may even be done behind your back without you knowing it. While they may act supportive to your face, they could be plotting differently when you are away. Asking others what should be done about the "situation" with the guy who admits to liking children.

It's just not worth it. Ever. Unless you are telling other pedophiles who are not actually FBI agents.

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