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Ways for pedophiles to meet LGs (pros and cons)

Posted by LOD on Tuesday, October 13 2020 at 01:28:47AM

1. Put out ads for baby-sitting jobs.

Pros - Really good way of meeting a LGF and having lots of one on one time with her.

Cons - If you are male you will likely be discriminated against and unlikely to get the type of job you want. If you are called for an interview the odds are greater that the kid they will want you to sit will be a boy.

2. Request a baby-sitting job from a friend.

Pros - This will guarantee you get the job you want and since you are friends with the parent you will have already established trust.

Cons - None

3. Become a teacher or coach

Pros - You will have access to a lot of children

Cons - Not a lot of opportunity for one on one time. Also there is the risk of playing "favorites" and showing attention to one child more than the others.

4. Date a woman with a LG of your liking

Pros - Being a step parent will grant you lots of time and opportunity with the LG

Cons - extremely unethical as you will be essentially using your adult GF for her daughter. Also likely to cause problems with your relationship if you are not good at concealing it. Might even lead to a false accusation from a jealous and hurt adult GF.

5. Adopt a LG of your liking

Pros - Having a little girl of your own will provide you all the opportunity in the world to love and cherish her

Cons - Extremely expensive and exhausting process. Your romantic interest can also effect your ability to be a good parent. Not recommended.

6. Approach LGs in your neighborhood for friendship

Pros - You'll be meeting LGs.

Cons - Extremely dangerous as you risk getting seen the wrong way and having the cops called on you by a "concerned" neighbor. Rumors will spread faster than wild fire that you are a pedophile and kids will be told not to talk to you regardless if you did anything wrong or not.

7. Meet LGs online

Pros - Meet LGs without ever leaving the house.

Cons - Most likely that LG you are talking to is actually a cop, now you are going to prison.

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