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Re: pros and cons

Posted by Neutrino on Tuesday, October 13 2020 at 7:22:31PM
In reply to Ways for pedophiles to meet LGs (pros and cons) posted by LOD on Tuesday, October 13 2020 at 01:28:47AM

This reminds me of a post made by H a few years ago, where he gave a list of ways to get kids to sleep with you. Suggestions included things like "let them watch a scary movie" so they won't want to sleep alone. The mods let it go, because they thought it was an obvious joke that no one would take seriously. D and others objected, claiming it would be used as an example on anti forums about how GC members are conspiring and sharing ideas about how to rape kids. Sure enough, D was right, and it did show up on an anti board.

baby sitting

As the joke goes, you could offer to babysit for 6 dollars per hour. If the parents seem unsure about the arrangement, you could offer to pay in advance.

become a teacher/coach/camp councilor/etc

Like sans said, this is stressful and tiring. It's not fun at all.

date a woman with a hot daughter

This is the way to go. "Give my daughter a bath, put on her pajamas and put her to bed, kiss her goodnight, then come to bed with me." I've heard such words from not one woman, but two in my life.

It isn't men who sexualize girls with movies like Cuties and child beauty contests, it's women.


In a post apocalyptic world, ok. It worked out pretty well for Billy Creel.

approach LGs in your neighborhood

Like wearing only shades and a trench coat? Um, no. Meet the parents first.

Meet LGs online

This works if your relationship stays online. For every cop/vigilante posing as a minor waiting to be solicited, there are thousands of real girls. If they make themselves available online, they expect the relationship to stay online.


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