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Oh wow, no

Posted by Newt on Tuesday, October 13 2020 at 8:12:17PM
In reply to Ways for pedophiles to meet LGs (pros and cons) posted by LOD on Tuesday, October 13 2020 at 01:28:47AM

From the start I beleive this is for people who want just to be close to LGs, for emotional needs. But I find it unsettling.

1. Put out ads for baby-sitting jobs.

Do not do that if you are older than college age or have qualifications for a better paying job. Baby sitting is also hard, it is not just a child compaion they pay you for.

2. Request a baby-sitting job from a friend.

I can not deny this as I am in such situation. I am babysitting the LG I am in love with but I never had to request. It came naturally and they asked me if I could take care of her for half an hour, two hours, an afternoon, and that is it. Friends can often see through your veil but will not comfront you if they are not sure. By requesting a job like that you are giving them more reason to suspect. Just give it time. Again babysitting is not only having fun with the LG. It can be hard, but it is worth it. Just don't push or request it.

3. Become a teacher or coach

Beside from cons you said, and what other have said, it is a big change in career for many of us. Many of us are not cut out for such a job.

4. Date a woman with a LG of your liking

Oh God no. You said it is unethical but that would also be torture. I can not imagine a woman that would be attractive to me while I am also attracted to her child unless she gave birth at the age of 12. This is so discomforting to even think about, but that's me. Someone may find this useful and also a good way to fuck off those who are wondering why are you not married yet and where is your girlfriend.

5. Adopt a LG of your liking

For me this is even more unethical than the last thing. I can not even begin to explain, but most of it is it the con section.

6. Approach LGs in your neighborhood for friendship

No. But approach families with LGs in your neighborhood. Become friends and do not notice the LGs until later. That is how it happened to me on accident. Then build trust and get to be a better neighbor. Do not neglect neighbors without LGs as someone might notice the pattern.

7. Meet LGs online

I laughed. :)

I am sorry, did not mean to diss what you wrote, just added some comments on why some things are very bad ideas for the safety of our members. Every one decides on what they do but I think the modified 6 is the best way to go. Stay safe!


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