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What exactly do you hope to accomplish?

Posted by sans on Friday, June 12 2020 at 5:09:08PM
In reply to support posted by Karolinska on Friday, June 12 2020 at 08:03:50AM

"We are currently working with an anonymous online therapy for people who want to reduce their use of pictures/films of minors."

Pedophiles are sexual beings, like anyone else. The focus of their attraction just so happens to be directed toward children. I'm not advocating that pedophiles view child pornography - if for no other reason than keeping themselves safe - but the fact is that that sexual attraction is going to come out one way or another. If it's not sexual activity with kids, it's pornography - child or adult - or some other thing.

If your "therapy" reduces the viewing of "pictures/films of minors," in what other ways do you expect the sexuality of pedophiles to manifest as a result of that? Is that an issue that's even been considered?

Pornography *addiction* is a separate issue, and I believe would be treated very differently than trying to get people who watch pornography occasionally to stop watching it.

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