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to offer support

Posted by Karolinska on Tuesday, June 30 2020 at 03:56:37AM
In reply to What exactly do you hope to accomplish? posted by sans on Friday, June 12 2020 at 5:09:08PM

Current research shows that people can be born with an attraction to minors and that it is something they find out about themselves later. So even though there is not a choice in attraction, there is a choice in what individuals do. We aim to support the change of habits. Those who wish to decrease their use of pictures/films of minors can come to us for support to do so.

Individuals who consume too much legal pornography are encouraged to engage in different healthy sexual behaviors. That is exactly what we do too. We want to firstly help with coping with urges through learning more about the behavior, and then learning about alternative ways in which the function of the behavior (e.g. sexual feelings, boredom, anxiety) can be satisfied. To those who are in a relationship or still have an interest in adults, they can try to focus on exploring those sexual feelings and related behaviors as you said. But anyone can explore their sexuality. This could be exploring legal porn, erotica, audio erotica, or adult sex toys. The true key is to figure out how you want your sexuality to look like, learn to set your boundaries, and learn to live in a way you are proud of.
And as you know everyone is so different when it comes to where they are. My above explanations are just examples, but they won't work for everyone. That is why therapy can be beneficial, you can dive deeper into your own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and find things that actually work for you as an individual in your daily life. There are no quick fixes, and it is a lot of work

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