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Tucker. Not the car guy.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 08 2024 at 03:50:30AM

He used to wear a bow tie.

I didn't like him then.

He didn't feel so zen.

You've come a long way, baby.

I await with anticipation. Maybe.

I've loved classic western cultures,

When it reflected its masses,

Back when it didn't act like fellow asses,

And didn't creep eastward like vultures.

In the age of the internet, I've never needed a fellow countryman to explain to me what another region of the world thinks and believes, but then again, not many bother seek out such things. (Oh, bother.)

I do understand many do not, so...

Still can't wait to see this interaction.

The creepiest part is the official western backlash against the masses hearing a different POV.

Dude. Why is that not a completely messed up argument, especially within the USA??

WE, the PEOPLE, are supposed to be "The Deciders".

You gubmint work for us. Sit tight, and let us hear your haters.

We decide what is true. Not you.


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