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I dunno man.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 22 2024 at 05:02:55AM
In reply to My favourite part posted by Butterfly Kisses on Wednesday, February 21 2024 at 0:40:18PM

I think Vlad knows showering any American with praise would mean an automatic persecution of said individual. He recently had good words for Biden after all. So one can hope that theory works out.

Conspiracy theories nowadays seem to keep proving true, to the horror of many. No, not the Q ones. The other ones.

I have been enjoying, however, the absolute flurry of negative stories against Vlad/Russia in the immediate aftermath of the Carlson interview. It's a rather naked attempt to regain control of narrative by wholely corrupt entities which have no use anymore for any of the common-folk of the West. Controlling the narrative is not working for them anymore, however.

Nowadays, MSM tells us the opposite of the truth. Stick with that understanding, and you won't find yourself blindsided later. The West is already under siege. I hear Trump dopes war-gaming how they can tip these or those odds in a future election. Those days are gone. The powers that be are not about to let go willingly. They are not our friends, or anyone else's for that matter:p

Watch what happens to Russia next, now via Poland. Globalists. They WANT those vast resources. They care not about how many lives it will take to get there. They are lunatics.

Just a personal opinion.


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