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belief systems

Posted by The Warrior on Saturday, November 04 2023 at 08:47:45AM
In reply to And yet, what would you say about... posted by Eeyore on Saturday, November 04 2023 at 04:38:38AM

Beliefs systems are usually imposed on us by society or religious societies. This is especially true where children are involved unless personal beliefs or needs override "normal" needs.
1. We are social animals who need to interact with others for our well-being. Unless you're a zealot and need to isolate your chikdren in "hone school".
2. Children should be in school and grow to their potential. Unless you're poor and you make your kids drop out to work, or in the good ol' days, you "farmed out" your kids to work on other people's farms.
3. Don't sell children unless you're trying to adopt and you pay thousands of dollars in "fees". Or if you have a child and want some firm of compensation for giving up your child.
4. Don't eat children. Unless you're starving and sacrifice a child to feed the other children.
Beliefs boil down to what you can afford to believe.

The Warrior

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