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And yet, what would you say about...

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, November 04 2023 at 04:38:38AM
In reply to age difference and biases posted by The Warrior on Friday, November 03 2023 at 4:05:03PM

...the moral tenents of their times? These were (likely) religious times, resulting in self-restrictions, which made age differences a not so worrisome free-for-all for onlookers. The older person was clearly guided by moral rules driven by a religion, meaning (no matter the opinion of religion) they hopefully wouldn't take full selfish advantage of a younger person.

This is not a supportive post for those times.

It is only a reminder of self-restrictions people felt *AT* those times.

It begs the question: That was then, but what do we all believe now?

Do self-restrictive rules still have a proper place?

Or is this idea now automatically a form of fascism?

I need solid information, damnit.


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