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Now Trump called DeSantis a groomer! :D

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 09 2023 at 04:04:39AM
In reply to U mean like in the comment section of link below? posted by Eeyore on Sunday, February 05 2023 at 7:15:34PM

Dude. Just... wow. Bad advisors, or billionaire 3-D chess?

I'm not aware of the minute details, but there's some weak attempt with a photo from when he was 20 at a college party and some girls look like they might not be 18, to lay the creeper label on him. I'm not taking sides in this post, but it does fit in with that right-wing pedo definition... icky and creepy and in any case, not a true manly-man. (For anyone who doesn't know, DeSantis doesn't exactly knock it out of the ballpark in the masculinity department, but he is married with kids and seems firmly normative-hetero if that's the correct term I fumble for.)

As some here might know, I have always tried my best to counter false pedo-accusations against men who I believed were not pedo, and therefore certainly not worthy of the smears and slurs that are historically hard to shake off. They don't deserve the social shit that we suffer, and it's a pretty fucked up thing to do to someone who doesn't identify with this attraction. The label can completely ruin someone's life. We can argue forever about whether this is justice for people who are actually attracted to minors, but the suffering should be reflected back toward the callous ones who knowingly try to destroy those who do not and never held the attraction in the first place. That is just inexcusably shameful.

Who knows, maybe the Donald is playing a game more covert than it looks.

What I see is, a man who loses a nomination, runs independent, splits the right, and carries some globalist puppet like a Gavin into office handily.


Maybe that extreme "controlled opposition" accusation isn't so far-fetched?

I dunno what to think anymore. Run for the freakin' hills. Grow a garden and raise some chickens. Home-school your kids. Best advice I can grasp for.


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