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Third option

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Thursday, February 09 2023 at 7:21:01PM
In reply to Now Trump called DeSantis a groomer! :D posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 09 2023 at 04:04:39AM

Third option you didn't list. Trump is a narcissist who can't stand that Desantis is getting any attention. I knew he was going into full attack mode when he made his nick name for him Ron Desantamonious a couple of weeks ago. He always makes rude nick names for anyone he's about to try to destroy.

Of note Ron Desantis has been completely ignoring him. Cause unlike Trump he seems to be able to control when his mouth is open and when it isn't.

It's also pretty amusing that Trump used a picture picked from Liberal sites (a picture of Ron Desantis in college hanging out with high school girls) that were trying to call Desantis a pedo. So he's just using the same attack already done by the libs.

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