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Of course he's a narcissist.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, February 10 2023 at 05:04:39AM
In reply to Third option posted by Butterfly Kisses on Thursday, February 09 2023 at 7:21:01PM

But on some level, what he says are some of the funniest things I've ever seen. It's how he got so big in the cutthroat world of NYC commercial real estate. It's why the media can't seem to figure out why their endless assaults on him just never seem to deflate his ego and self-confidence. It's why some people absolutely lose their minds at the mere mention of his name. Yes, he's really juvenile in many (negative) ways. OTOH, I'll never forget him walking down the ramp at (was it Davos? Some WEF thing, I think), quite literally elbowing his way to the front of the group in front of the cameras, to the shocked astonishment of one high-cultured European gentlemen who was walking next to him. Trump just looked back at him with that well-practiced deadpan alpha-stare.

And yet, I do think that, in his own mind, he really does want to help his country. He's got the financial wizardry part. He's got the don't fuck with our country part. It's just all the other parts. He sure as shit isn't good at knowing who to trust and bring into his inner circle. He got stabbed in the back so many times. His real political talent is being a wrecking ball for BS and being the bull in the china shop, and financial matters. Otherwise, he's kind-of a liability, especially with a compromised and unashamedly politically partial MSM. Too much of the public are gullible to MSM propaganda. They cannot think for themselves. They rely on others for forming their opinions. That's a huge liability. Just what it is.

OTOH, one would be naive to think they wouldn't try to destroy RD the same way, and as someone who's not a completely inaccessible narcissist, he'd probably be affected, shaken, and manipulated by constant media assault.

IMO, shit is already too compromised for the "bring back America" stuff. It doesn't happen with the level of corruption we have now. Corrupt media, corrupt elections, corrupt politicians, corrupt too-big corporations, corrupt banks, corrupt schools and universities... all of that would be decades of conflict ahead to right the ship, so to speak. Hopefully I am dumb and wrong, and I truly want to be.

So that's why I look at this stuff almost like a movie. In reality, you have a minority of people grabbing what they can before it all sinks, some others gallantly trying to bail water, a bunch of others sitting at the table complaining that they want gluten-free gruel and don't know the real fate coming at them hard and fast, and some who get it and just say meh, it's beyond our control already.

In that regard, Trump's barbs are entertaining to me, always. He is many flawed things. I am willing to point these things out. My intuition is, he is not out to screw the public. He actually craves their love and an honest place in history.


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