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U mean like in the comment section of link below?

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, February 05 2023 at 7:15:34PM
In reply to You guys like being everyone's bad guy? posted by LGsouL on Friday, February 03 2023 at 11:53:16PM

You mean like in the comment section of the article below?

Generic news sites that still allow comments are always good for a laugh when it comes to pedo stories. :D

I do tend to notice the pedo label is invoked to suggest slightly different things depending if it is being hurled from the political left or right (and as I've believed and said many times, both official sides are now owned and played off one another by the big banking industry and the corporations who come along for the sake of their own survival, further enrichment, and for removing the rights of the public in the name of safety, equity, apple trees, honey bees, and turtle doves.

Should the climate shift back from left to right once again, you will still see the same big money interests placing themselves as leaders of it, and a huge number of numbskulls on the right will go back to believing "they're on OUR side again!" And the left will shift back to its historical mistrust of them to suit their current need as well.)

But, as I said, you can see a microcosm of the difference in what "pedo" implies in these comments alone. When "pedo" is hurled by the left, it is usually meant to invoke things like backward rednecks, incest, male domination against females, and patriarchy.

When hurled by the right, it's usually meant to invoke lack of moral or religious character, icky sexual deviance and mental deficiency for logic, and a lack of true manhood.

The true goal for it being used that way in a political context is simply to dismiss other political goals of the opposite side. Nobody wants to be connected to the worst labels of the current time. I think we all probably know and see that happening with a different term being hurled to the point of people now rolling their eyes when they hear that one.

Pedo was the heir-apparent to the homo. Once the gay or faggot label was no longer acceptable, this one moved into its place quite naturally.

Pedo stories are a troll's paradise. They play both sides of the coin and then watch the emotional shit-storm ensue in the comments. Fish will always take the bait on this topic. So personally, I always read the comments as a social study... how many trolls are working the crowd, how many people are saying honest things, and how are views changing (if at all) over time. Then of course, I always like to play "spot the pedo trying not to be obvious." I get a chuckle out of that guy. He's always somewhere, inserting reason and fact into the comment shit storm! :)


• ( https link ) Pedo is the boogyman of the other side.

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