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Hatred of 1 group always leads to hatred of others

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, December 10 2022 at 10:30:15PM
In reply to Economics plays a practical role so I've been told posted by Eeyore on Saturday, December 10 2022 at 6:05:43PM

I think there's an outright assault on male-female intimacy generally, with a goal of destroying births, whether regionally or globally.

One thing even civil libertarians do not want to hear is that the above situation, which they often lament, was inevitable when they decided that suppression of youth sexuality and the right of adults to admire it openly was acceptable. As I've often noted, you cannot accept just one teeny-tiny element of draconian censorship and authoritarianism in the mix of an ostensibly democratic framework without it spreading further than one may have intended. Such a policy grows like a cancer cell and replicates like a computer virus across the entire spectrum of law. Authoritarians always start with the easy targets, and then move gradually onward from there until you have what is happening now.

This is why the still ongoing pedo panic ultimately resulted in the above once society, including the liberal and civil libertarian establishment, decided to accept and support it when it started in the 1980's instead of opposing it on principle despite how they felt about it emotionally.

And it's also why the LGBT community had to "sell out" with an assimilationist agenda that turned them against less popular minorities, so they abandoned all support for youth liberation and turned on the MAPs as a Faustian bargain to maintain their own continued progression in the regime that tolerated and even promoted moral sex panics.

This is also why the liberal establishment became the new authoritarians once the LGBT community received its full emancipation between the late 1990s and late 2000s, and why bigotry against homosexuality required a replacement form of hatred: which turned out to be heterosexuality, as mainstream liberals now rally against the numerically majority sexual demographic with their "woke" agenda. And it's similarly why bigotry against trans people was replaced with bigotry against the biological reality of two genders and the very concept of recognizing a gender in the first place, hence the rise and popularity trend of being non-binary. And this is also why discrimination against women had to be replaced with discrimination against men. And the former majority thought they were safe from the hand of draconian policy and hatred eventually spreading to them!

As long as MAPs were hated and kids under 18 were continued to be denied agency once these moral panics put paid to the youth liberation movement (twice! let's hope the next emergence of it will be the one to succeed), no other group, despite being advantaged in the past, were safe from being struck by the Hatred and Oppression Stick. When the Left went bat shit insane it resulted in causing many on the Right to do the same (again) and initiate a backlash, with authoritarian bigots on both the Left and the Right fighting for supremacy and demanding that everyone else pick a side (no thank you! I'll stick to the civil libertarian "side" of the issue, not pick a side between two warring groups of despots). The end result is going to be a cycle of groups trading places as open targets for discrimination, and this will continue as long as it's considered acceptable to deny any group their civil rights or to hate any particular group.

In short, the acceptance of MAP hatred and suppression of youth liberty (the two go hand-in-hand) resulted in the mess we're now in, with most actual civil libertarians feeling pressured into maintaining the above attitudes, thus unwittingly contributing to the problem they are now trying to combat. They need to put their feelings and fears aside to tackle this issue objectively, or they will never succeed in freeing us from a socio-political landscape in which some group is going to be oppressed, which will eventually cause a backlash that results in a different group being oppressed... and so on and so on, ad infinitum. They need to confront these huge elephants in the room rather than either sidestepping them or riding on their backs.


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